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Bracelet Adjusting for Rolex Bracelets – Rolex bracelet restoration tools

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Đây là dụng cụ sửa chữa dây đồng hồ Rolex chuyên nghiệp , chúng được thiết kế riêng để sửa chữa tháo rời các mắt dây Rolex dòng Jubilee và Oyster một cách dễ dàng mà không gây các vết trên mỗi mắt dây , ngoài ra có thêm một dụng cụ để đóng các mắt dây lại sau khi đươc thay thế các chốt chuyên dụng của chúng tôi .

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Rolex Bracelet Link Removing Tools Set
Rolex bracelet restoration – Rolex bracelet link removal tools

This is a professional Rolex bracelet repair kit, designed specifically to fix disassembled Rolex Jubilee and Oyster bracelet, easily without the bumps on each link and tool for closing the bracelet after replacing our the pins.

You will be satisfied with this tool kit, which is designed and machined through numerous tests, each tool and part is specially engineered for materials and functionality, making it perfect for the job, the perfect tool kit to fix the bracelet Rolex

The kit can also be used with bracelets that have a similar design to rolex, which make the repair more extensive and more versatile, this kit really gives you Revenue from repairing the replacement of rolex latches by the cost of replacing wires is really expensive.

Tool Kit Includes:

1 ; Tool for open jubilee bracelet
2 ; Tool for open Oyster bracelet
3; Tool close for Oyster/Jubilee

In addition we also offer replacement pins of various sizes,Exclusively for Rolex (you can also order on request)

User manual or more info : Please contact or visit our youtube chanel

Shipping: Worldwide
Payment: Visa Card, Master Card, Paypal.
Processing time: 1-2 business days
Delivery Time: Expected 3-7 business days with UPS or DHL Express service.

Thông tin bổ sung

Trọng lượng 1 g
Kích thước 30 × 28 × 22 mm

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